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EcoFingers is a Colombian Dutch innovative Agro Bio-Technology initiative. With research & development centres, offices, cultivation and processing facilities in South America, Europe and Asia.

Under strict conditions we cultivate and produce our own 100% Ecological Bio-Fertilizer and organic Fungicide, Herbicide and Pesticide products for specific crops and purposes around the globe. We are personally involved with the cultivation of our base material and other ingredients for our products in cooperation with other agricultural partners, to comply with our own extremely strict conditions of zero use of any chemicals at any stage of the process from choosing land free of previous use of chemicals to producing the final end product.

The core of our innovative business is: Our Research & Development team, who have been involved in the research of organic and natural components for more than 15 years. Research in close co-operation with university laboratories, participating farmers, agricultural interest groups together with our supportive NGO, resulted in the creation of a unique 100% ecologic bio-fertilizer with strong anti-fungal and other characteristics. We are performing trials with agricultural institutes and universities in The Netherlands and Colombia. Detailed programs to be developed, in cooperation with well-known specialists, such as new fungicide products for specific crops, plants and trees.

Our fungicide and related treatment solutions such as herbicides and pesticides are of 100% Vegetal and Mineral origin, Ecologically cultivated, produced and derived. EcoFingers is very pleased with the first farming results and based on this success we are presently bringing our cultivation and production to a professional and industrial level. The EcoFingers group is also involved in the development of 100% Ecological based adjuvants for fertilizing & coating purposes. With professional partners in the seed and agricultural industry we are developing new ecological innovations for these markets.

EcoFingers is working with its own brand name products like EcoFingers (R) and EcoFique (R). But also customer made products are available for companies from name & fame with strong distribution channels around the world.

At present we are in the process of signing agreements for the ecological certifications needed in several countries like Colombia (South America) and the European Union. Our production facilities and products are internationally certified and produced under strict conditions. With our certification programs we actively provide support and export facilities to our farmers and other users under our ecological certification guarantee for organic agricultural products whose food products will finally reach the dinner tables around the world.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our innovative products.

What is Ecofingers unique ecological concept

The EcoFingers group is involved in a major environmental solution; in what is now considered as a highly polluting waste product causing severe environmental problems in Colombia. EcoFingers Colombia SAS’s and ONG’s R&D team this July month received notice of having been nominated for an International Environmental reward for its research work out of 200 inscriptions worldwide.

Our R&D team is a crucial part of our Biotech business concept and we know that Colombia is the right place for our research and trials due to its location and climate conditions. In recent years other world known Biotech companies started R&D centers in Colombia due to the specific climate and environmental conditions for trials. The variety and high content of several components inherent to the juice of the specific sub species of fique plant that we use allows us to produce a natural 100% vegetal based ecological fertilizer; stripped of its polluting components; the juice of the fique plant produces a unique standalone fertilizer with an extremely attractive commercial value.

Farmers cultivating the fique plant; can now receive significantly better returns than just the value of the fiber for which the fique plant is now almost exclusively cultivated on a large scale. Currently there are some 70,000 Colombian farmers cultivating the fique plant for its fibers, resulting in contamination on a massive scale.

The juice; is (still) mainly considered as a waste product; the juice of the fique plant will get a much larger value than the yield of its fiber. Unlike conventional fermentation processes; we do NOT use any water in any stage of the process, neither to ferment the juice of the fique plant. This also allows for a better control of the water scarcity and prevents further contamination.

The natural ingredients of the fertilizer made from the juice of the fique plant also reduce fungi and insect attacks; the farmer can drastically reduce the use of fungicides and pesticides, which again results in less environmental pollution resulting in further cost reductions. Our product is of a guaranteed 100% ecologically cultivated vegetable origin, without using any chemical pesticides, as well as all the other basic components are of 100% vegetable and mineral origin. At no stage from cultivation to final product are we using any type of chemicals or chemical substances. We have several reports and studies from various universities to fully support our case. We developed our own industrial fermentation process in which our R&D team are able to control the individual ingredients and are able to develop and produce specific fertilizer and bio-activator products for different crops.

Research and Development


Our products are made from an 100% organic vegetal resource. All base components used are 100% vegetal and mineral origin


From seeding to cultivation and production, no chemicals are used in any stage of the process aiding to the protection of the environment


Concentrated, non-water based, fertilizer. Small amounts of our highly concentrated fertilizer needed for applications


Regenerative effects on crops and reduction of fungal infections. Improving soil conditions, reducing the effects of chemicals and nitrates. Improving the plant’s uptake of beneficial minerals


Active vegetal based adhesive for Plant and Soil with components that keep the fertilizer active for a longer time


Effective 100% vegetal origin fertilizer with amino and humic acids replacing unsafe hormones such as auxine


Certification from Colombia ICA available and international certification by Dutch International KIWA institute is in progress


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